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Our Mission

To connect all bikers from all backgrounds all over the world, and to promote the love of two
“or three” wheels, the love of wind therapy,keeping the biker ways alive, and helping with
biker community issues. Which include, biker profiling, biker stigmas, physical, and
emotional aspects of the biker community. Assist in education, nonprofit work, and
fellowship through events,volunteering, publications, and incentives. We value the new
ideas,and most of all, we value the old biker traditions.


A connected and vibrant community of individual Bikers worldwide

Our Values:

  • Community

  • Fellowship

  • Respect

  • Diversity

  • Inclusion

  • Equity

  • Collaboration

  • The Biker Codes - Cruisers/Sports Bikes/Old Ways



  1. Hold and encourage bikers in a safe space for ALL and NEUTRAL! We want to encourage safe meet ups, workshops, lectures, and anything else (i.e., members and non-members) for instruction in the art of being a biker, science with the machinery, and techniques of riding and teaching. (No right way. We view all ways)

  2. Publish a Journal consisting of materials appropriate to the biker community as well as periodic newsletters and provide ambassadors in each state to assist with the biker community.

  3. Encourage healthy competitions in the biker community

  4. Encourage biker makers and biker creators to demonstrate the craft and make available to or for the benefit of the public at large scale. (To help the local biker artists that work on the bikes). This will include stunt riders, vendors for the biker community, the artists that create the items for the bike community, and 

  5. Establish and foster a safe space for ALL bikers to think for helping the community when it comes to bikers and society, legal aspects, and anything in the biker community.

  6. Establish close working relationships with bikers, mentors for the biker codes, and biker teachers for the purpose of assisting in the identification and instruction of how to be a biker. Keep the biker ways alive to pass down generational

  7. Present honors and recognition for distinctive service relating to the biker community each year

  8. To keep a neutral and safe space for all bikers

  9. Holding the biker codes to a standard

  10. Help any biker organization/biker business in meet ups, important meetings, and beyond.

  11. Build connections within the biker community in general.

  12. Assist where we are needed.

  13. Creativity is the goal when it comes to accomplishing tasks, and activities. This is a biker society to do that. We are here to listen to the biker community, stand up for the biker community, be a helpful voice to all bikers new and old. 


  1. We will NEVER be a club in any format. We will NEVER step on any biker organizations toes. We will never step into a situation within the club life. We are here for the bikers completely to be a helpful voice. We will NEVER have standard colors, or patches. 

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The Leaders

Kathryn Anne & Amelia Goddard are the creators of the concept of We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite. As well as bikers that are behind us. Our goal is to have a committee of many different bikers across the United States to help with humanity issues across the motorcycle/biker community.

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