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February 2022

   We realized as a biker society that we need to do something more than just team up with organization. We want to help bring peace to the community as well. We decided to create "Projects" to help with that peace. They are creative ideas that are decided on many different factors. 

These factors include:

                A. issues/concerns

                B. Locations/areas

                C. Bikers

                D. The resolution of how it can solve a problem in the                                 community

                 E.  Creative idea that we can escalate this message                                      throughout  the communities (bikers and non bikers)

                 F. Questions: Is this the entire area? Or just small                                           communities? Do we need social media involved?                               How do we create a project that can help this                                         cause?

Many different projects can help the biker community. They could help with laws/legal aspects, stigmas, profiling, mix information, breaking barriers in the community itself to outside of the community, making communities pay attention to bikers more, and so much more. 

        Right now we have two projects happening called Bikers Knows, and Bikers Are Human. Biker Knows is about bikers and advice. This will help within the community, and Bikers Are Human are human stories of the biker. 

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