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"A Bagger At Night" - Metal Print

"A Bagger At Night" - Metal Print

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 Beautiful artwork by Kathryn Anne is of a bagger professional photographed at a bike night in Virginia. This beautiful piece makes you feel the night atmosphere of the summer bike nights we all love to attend. It makes you hear the noises of the bikes and music coming from the speakers. Shipping is included in price. 


The cause we are donating the 25% of  our personal commission the proceeds will go towards 7 City’s Biker Events which is run and operated by William


The art prints we offer are only for a limited time, and we are only selling a certain amounts. We are only selling the 24x36 7 times. Once the 7 is up we are no longer selling that size again. We are giving 25% of each sale commission to a biker cause. Our commission goes right back to We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite as we establish into the organization we are meant to become which is an overall organization.  These ae made to order upon receiving the sale, and we pesonally ship them out from our USA Vendor who creates the metal prints. Any questions please reach out to Kathryn Anne We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite 



  • About Metal Prints And Frame

    The Metal Prints Have a Glossy with White Base to enhance the colors. We can have it framed with Black Float Frame, or A Float Mount (Hang Vivd Metal Prints with ease using a 3/4 thick float Mount on the back of the metal itself. The Read-to-hang mount is positioned to meet both vertical and horizontal image orientations. Metal: Printed on a thin aluminum surface and employing a modern dye-sublimation process and the latest technology for enhanced color, clarity, detail, and archival quality, Vivid & Matte Metals are a show-stopping contemporary decor piece. Choose either a vibrant glossy finish or a glare-reducing matte finish.

  • Size of this print


  • Return policy and handle of issue situation

     We are willing to work with vendor and customer if we have an issue. 30 day timeframe to fix an issue with the item. After 30 days customer loses rights to the item, and to fix an issue. Return policy fully for product is 2 weeks. After 2 weeks within the 30 days we can reorder the item again and get them a new item with them providing the product back to us. If the item goes missing in shipping the customer has to place claim in with the post office, or the mail delivery service that was used to find the package. No refunds or returns if the item is not delivered with a third party delivery issue. We will help assist 1-on-1 with the situation as much as we can. No refund or returns for items misplaced by mail carrier. After 30 days customer loses rights to do anything for refund, or replacement. They are responsible for the item after 30 days. We will always have an open dialogue with the customer with order issues. If anything happens contact us directly first. If they need to do a dispute with their bank. After 30 days no rights for us to give them back funds, or charge backs. They are fully responsible for the item. If there is an issue we will first dialogue with the situation with customer, and figure out ways for us to help with fixing the issue within those 30 days.

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