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Resources For Being A Biker 

So many verbal aspects and generational history that comes with being a biker. We help guide all bikers with helpful tools, and great sources to assist. When you get on two wheels, you are getting on a seat that has had so many generations history that it is so important to keep passing on. 


The Biker Codes 

Biker Codes cannot be all written down. We have great resources to guide you to understand the importance of these codes. No matter what you ride. 

1) Loyalty



Being A Biker

How We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite Defines "Biker"

Biker: (Noun) a motorcyclist that lives by a certain code. We call those codes The Biker Codes. A biker is a way of life that means freedom from the norm of society, respecting each other, and loyalty for other bikers. They ride on two wheels or three wheels.  They are not a gang. They are individuals that ride. Some bikers ride together in an organization like a Motorcycle Club, Social Club, LEMC, Riding Club, and Riding Associations.



Click on this link "W" for outsourced links: (Some are not peer reviewed, or academic journals. Again, the biker way is not an institution for the scholarly, but the educated institution for a way of life.  

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The Biker Codes Being Misunderstood

For years the term "biker" has been interpreted by society incorrectly, and misunderstood. It is because they do not understand it. Bikers are not going out of their way to help the community understand it. That is OK.  No one should have to go out of their way for someone to understand a lifestyle. 

The media, certain aspects of the government,  certain communities, and organizations have twisted what the biker way of life is. As well, some of the communities within the biker community have attempted to place "bikers" in a category that is not correct because they do not want to be looked different in certain "communities"... To be frank... that is sad.

This has caused the "biker" to be misunderstood within the community of the motorcycle umbrella & beyond the community of the motorcycle umbrella. 

Even the has the definition of biker incorrectly stated with modern terms.  Like the words "gang". Yes, "gang" is a group of men compared to the Websters definition of the 1800s. Bikers are females, and man. That is incorrectly placed. "Gang" is also defined by consistent logos/patches. That could define our law enforcement, and government agencies as well.


When the human race defines a thing. It is better not to be defined by outsiders. What makes it harder it is being defined as well within its own community. It is not being defined in a good light. We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite is trying to change that light. We are here to report on all sides, but honor what a biker is. Show the non biker community, and the new riders coming in that a biker is nothing to be afraid about. When you get on that seat on your two/three wheels.... we need to know what the history before you go get some wind therapy. And have empathy doing it.

(It does not matter if you are a motorcycle enthusiast. You are still getting on two wheels and three wheels, and it is important to be respectful of "biker ways"...that have been set by older generations that came before us.

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