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What is a society? It is a community organization for the bikers/motorcycle enthusiasts. Amelia and Kathryn Anne were the co-founders with two bros, and a knife maker. We realized 1) Never a true organization that was able to unite all bikers 2)Support the rider the way the rider should be supported 3) Have an organization that literally listens to every single rider

Amelia Edwards is from the great state of GA. She has a heart of gold, and a spitfire. She will tell it like it is, and not sugar coat it. That is one thing Kathryn Anne adores the most about her co-chair. She is a grandma, and a mother. She has been a passenger rider, and a rider for many years. She created the name of We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite, and stood with Kathryn Anne to create the concept of a Biker Society. 

Kathryn Anne is from the great state of WI, and VA. Her home town is Chesapeake, VA. She is a new rider, and learning the biker ways. She has a beautiful 9 year old son, and a basset hound. They sold all their stuff to travel for the bikers, and be in the community with all sorts of riders. Kathryn was the one that first realized that disconnect not only within the community, but really with how communities treat bikers. Kathryn Anne took the society organization she knows in the music world and brought it to the biker world.  She is a unique way of seeing life, and thinking differently. She can step outside herself when it comes to dealing with issues; like removing bias opinions.

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