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Here we come year 3 - Kathryn Anne Co-Owner of We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite

Surreal to think we started out just as a social media group to help stop porn, and bring different bikers together; especially a good spot for bikers who wear patches. I started to talking to our admins to figure out what you all needed to help create a support Facebook group. Talking to one of them specifically you realized you all do not have an organization that truly walks the biker way, does not define you all, and most of all walks beside you all, And brings you all together. I knew having us all come together would not be an easy accomplishment, but it would be worth it.

Three years later we are now traveling the country, talking and actively listening to bikers, and officially about to get our nonprofit status to be able to do what we need to do on a larger scale. All it took was listening to bikers to realizing you all do not have the support system with you all giving back to the local community. We built it for you. I pray it helps, I pray it makes a difference in all types of things. I pray we can keep doing amazing work.

My goal in this post is to not think small, but think large, BUT to think small steps to get to those large accomplishments. Now, we are searching for financial backing, and assistance with finances. We are going to be this umbrella organization for you all. We need to get financie help because only so much we can do. Amelia and I do this all on our own. We work full time jobs plus more. For us to be able to fully run this organization. We are only in Operation 1...which is introductions and small things.

As I stated many times in person...we have never done this before. This organization concept has never been created before. To say we are outside our comfort level is an understatement. We keep praying and hoping we can do this. We keep troubleshooting, and creating. If it does not work...we try another way. We do not give up. We know we can make a difference and grow with the right people behind us. We are searching and interviewing those people. As we grow, I have realized that people do get mixed up with individual social media biker to what we are building here at We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite. Yes, we run this project, but this project is not us. You do see Amelia and my faces around. You hear my voice a lot in stuff. We speak for the bikers we develop friendships with, and get to know. We built this for every single rider. It is a true blessing to have built this for you all. Happy 3 years everyone who has been with us from the start. Keep walking with us, and praying. Let's make the 4th year a financial success to keep growing. We will have bumps, and big pathways to cross. It will be worth it. Have a blessed day, bikers! Happy 3 year anniversary!


Kathryn Anne (Katie)

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