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How We Grow by Kathryn Anne (Co-Owner of We Are Bikers - Where Bikers Unite

Being an organization that has never been created before is not an easy adventure. It is pretty overwhelming to be frank with everyone. I started this just as a safe space for bikers. I was tired of seeing how groups were so many, but they never had an organization that united them all. Or to help advertise for them.Or help support them. Researching how organizations are in the "physical world" that are supposed to unite. They were not uniting, but taking away from the biker community.

The biker community deserves an organization that appreciates for the diverse ways of what they are. Bikers shouldn't have to change, or place them in this "box" to be connected as a united front. An organization that unites them,that breaks bread with them, that listens to understand, and creates things to help them. That is organization I personally feel is needed. We are not here to change you bikers. We are here to walk in your shoes, listen to understand, empathize to care, and most of all be a united organization to help every single biker.

We are one of the first organizations that are breaking bread with clubs. We are not breaking bread with clubs to become a club. We Are Bikers- Where Bikers Unite will never be a club. Ever. So many levels for every different type of clubs, and structure. We do not want to step on your protocols, or ways of being. We want to support everyone. Doesn't matter what color, or area you are from. We will never step on issues when it comes to the politics of the club world. We will love and care for each of you no matter what.

When I first sat down and realized that this name, and what we do was bigger than itself. I realized that I had to do a lot of research. I had to do it starting with how society treats bikers. That was the hardest. I cried a few nights. I watched one documentary where the media literally had an option to do good, but hey twisted and made the bikers look horrible. Just because they were different. I realized that was another thing that I could make different. Having an organization that can not only see all sides, but also, knows not to twist things.

To have that.... everyone will need to get to know who I am, and what I have done with my life to understand how I see this world. I brought how I see life into this organization. I have always been a "coexist er"; that is the term they call it. I have always been empathetic, and caring. Most of all, with everything I have been through I am more for three truths. One side, two side, and the facts. It is like being analytic in a society that wants you to not see ALL sides. But only take one side... That is NOT how life is. (That society wants to fit you in this perfect box. If it doesn't fit you they want to not empathize with you, and not understand you too. ) Life is colorful and full of so many different ways of living.

I sat and watched this show...I cried afterwords. I emotionally destroyed with how they took something different and hurt the biker community. Just because it doesn't make sense to the interviewer. Doesn't mean it isn't a bad way of living.

My mission kept going... I kept watching, and trying to understand what/why/who/how of years of interviews, and ways the media twisted the biker community and stomped on it. At that point, I changed tactics and researched these organizations that were supposed to be taking care of every single biker, and breaking bread with biker organizations.

Come to find out,they were in huge pockets, and only picking certain things. They were not helping what the biker community needed. I researched the definition of biker...

I almost threw my computer away at that point.

Here we have it!

Here we are where we are building something not for selfish reasons, but for the biker community to grow with. An organization that is not for big pockets, an organization that is a truly helpful voice that will unite all bikers. That will make a difference in the biker community. I am blessed to have the support I have already. I am blessed to build friendships with bikers that have been riding beyond years. These bikers have stepped up with me personally. And, I had really no clue for years what a biker was, and what the biker codes are. Those codes are not a joke... FYI... I need to put that out there.

(Those codes are generational, that need to keep going forward. Things in the biker community that needs to never go away. Even though society feels they should not be there...Especially, with so many newer and independent riders coming into the biker world. That is a convo for another time)

This organization is going to do it. We take feedback, we take complaints, positive comments, and everything. We break bread with all sorts of different clubs, biker business, individual bikers, biker vendors, and anyone that associates themselves in the biker world. We create projects to help the bikers with biker stigmas, biker profiling, within the biker community, society and bikers. We are going to befriend you, break bread with you, and be a part of your life. It will take awhile. I am blessed to have the support system that I have to help me with this. It is growing slow...And "slow and steady wins the race" is my personal belief.

Let's make an organization that should have been a long time ago. Allowing us to help build it for you bikers that deserve that type of organization. Praying that it will grow beyond any of us, and will stay in the biker community for you all. This is my gift to you all.


Kathryn Anne

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